10 Ways to Properly Maintain Hardwood Floors

Lovely hardwood floorIf you want your home to exude a cozy feel whenever you want to relax or laze around, then you will surely appreciate the warm feeling that hardwood floor brings. It can also add value to your home and increase the worth of your property. Most homeowners simply love their hardwood floor and you will too but you need to observe proper maintenance to make the floor last longer than it should.

Ways to Maintain Hardwood Floors Using Liquid or Cleaning Solutions

  1. Before you do some serious cleaning on your hardwood floor you need to determine first the kind of floor finishing. The wood finishing determines the kind of cleaning agent that you should use in order to keep your floor in good condition. If you use a cleaning agent, then make sure to choose the suitable one for your floor and it is wise to always check the label.
  2. Keep in mind that water (or liquid) is wood’s natural nemesis. Excess liquid will eventually seep through the wood and cause damage so prevent the enemy from penetrating your prized possession.
  3. Most people recommend vinegar as natural cleaning agent for the floor but take caution. Although vinegar is diluted in water, it can still create damage on the floor when overused.
  4. Waxing is good on wood floor but you should be careful because you cannot use wax on all finishing. You should not wax a floor with a urethane finish because the coating will build up as time goes by.
  5. Avoid using oil or furniture sprays on your wood surface because they create unfavorable outcome. Oil has residue and the spray can make the surface slippery and dangerous.
  6. As always, too much cleaning is not good especially if you are using advertised or store bought cleaning solutions. Keep everything in moderation to preserve your hardwood floor longer when using the said cleaning agents.

Ways to Maintain Hardwood Floors Using Cleaning Tools

  1. Use soft bristled broom to sweep off all the dirt on your floor. The soft bristles will not leave any mark on the surface of the floor.
  2. It’s a good idea to have a powerful wood floor vacuum and use the proper attachments that are designed for hard floor surfaces and hard to reach spots like the crevices. If there are bristles, always make sure they are soft and won’t damage your hardwood. Read: LG Kompressor LcV900B Review
  3. It is best to use a dry-damp mop to clean the floor regularly. The mop will be able to pick up the dirt without leaving any moisture that can damage the wood. Run a totally dry mop over the wood floor just to make certain that you don’t leave any wet part behind.
  4. A stain is not a problem to a floor with a good finish – you only need to wipe it clean with plain rag or with some help from a reliable cleaning solution that fits your wood finish. If the stain penetrated the wood then you need to sand and refinish the affected spot or hire a professional to do it for you.

There are various ways to maintain your lovely floor and all you need to do is choose the applicable ones and make sure not to overdo it (or completely neglect it) so that your floor will be able to serve you for the longest possible time.

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